Custom Marble Portraits

Hand made life size marble sculptures following the side view of a person's portrait image.

It is about discovering the beauty and uniqueness that lies in everyone.
It is a time travel, capturing your image, or someone else image you care about, into an object of art and send it into the future.

I believe that Image is an essential part of the human being that defines the union between body and soul,
it is subjective-objective or it is pure imagination and all together in a moment of intense communication.

From wherever you are
If you want to have your own profile-portrait or
If you want a very special and unique gift for someone you love
Just send a digital photo (profile shot) and I will transform it into a hand made-life size-marble-3D art.

Technical Details and Costs

Material: white marble block
Sizes including the marble base:
32 cm height
15-20 cm width
finished sculpture ~ 5-6 kg
Hard wood anti-shock transportation box
Transport across EU included
Cost: 2500 euro

Custom price for:
- changing the color of the marble
- changing the material for the base
- increasing the sculpture size

Additional costs for customers outside EU:
VAT will be added on invoice
Delivery outside EU
Possible custom taxes

Upon confirmation, the portrait-sculpture owners can be part of the project “Unity in Diversity”. Check the website for details or click on the link below.

How It Works

1. If you want to order a sculpture, please use Contact Form below or the Contact page:
- write your full and correct name
- for subject please write: Marble Portraits
- in the message body express your wish to place an order and please add your phone number.
2. In reply you will receive a questionnaire, a proforma invoice and we will get in touch by phone in order to clarify all the details.
3. You send the answer (please answer to all the questions), the photo and as soon as I have the payment confirmation the work for your sculpture starts.
4. Execution time is one month, depending on the workload at the moment you place the order, delivery time not included.

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