About me

About me

I have always been fascinated by the way the Image creates identities and feelings, the way it shapes nonverbal communication and the way it defines the link between "uniqueness" and "diversity", appearance and essence. The Image is an essential part of the human being that defines the union between body and soul. I believe that an image is in part a reflection, a memory and a projection. It is subjective-objective or it is pure imagination and it is all together in a moment of intense communication.

Artistic Experience

1998 - Photo Essay Presentation - Le Carrousel Du Louvre, Paris, France

2000 - "ADAGIO" Exhibition Event - Hilton Hotel, Bucharest, Romania

2000 - Art Photography Exhibition - UNITER Gala, Bucharest, Romania

2000 - "In Memoriam Verdi" Exhibition Event - Opera House, Bucharest, Romania

2002 - Participation at KULTURVEREIN GRAFING Exhibition - Munchen, Germany

2002 - "White Line" Not Published Project

2003 - "AUTO SHOW 2004" Calendar

2003 - "AUTO SHOW 2004" Calendar Exhibition Event - Le CLUB, Bucharest, Romania

2004 - "EMOTIONS" Exhibition - 01 to 30 of June - Le CLUB, Bucharest, Romania

2005 - "BEYOND" Exhibition Event - AMSTERDAM CAFE, Bucharest, Romania

2005 - "LIVE" Exhibition & Album Launch - COTROCENI Presidential Palace, Romania

2006 - "InDifference"

2007 - "The InDifference Ball" Album Launch Event - BRAGADIRU Palace, Romania

2008 - "AVATAR" for Elite Model Look

2009 - "CABARET" for ERSA Atelier

2010 - "VANITY" for La Fleur Maison de Couture


2011 - "Traviata" Not Published Project

2013 - "Irreversible" - Sculpture Artwork

2015 - "EQUILIBRIUM" Exhibition - Village Museum, Bucharest, Romania

2015-2017 - The White Matter Project: "FLIGHT" - Sculpture Artwork

2018 - The White Matter Project: "LIFE" - Sculpture Artwork

2019 - The White Matter Project: "FLOW" - Sculpture Artwork

2020 - The White Matter Project: "FLAME" - Sculpture Artwork

2020-2025 - Unity in Diversity Sculpture Project

About my work

"In a time overwhelmed by images and fascinated by imagery, the photography has acquired in the last decades a priviledged status. It makes me very happy to see that the craft discovered by Daguerre has also reached its highest level in the work of a Romanian artist.

The photographical essay originates in a work of true professional, wich implies a veritable cult of the image and moreover, a perpetual curiosity doubled by a flawless technique. Such are the works of the artist Petru Bogdan – photographs created in a sober and totally innovative way, distilled from literary sources only to him known, and of which he speaks so little.

The photographical image created by Petru Bogdan, in a color in black and white, becomes almost every time journey into a mistery, which belongs, all at the same time, to the sky and to the earth, to the people and to the entire nature, abruptly fractured or graciously enveloping us."

Razvan Theodorescu

"As an artist, Petru Bogdan is an offspring of time, time split into countless fractions of a second captured by his camera with the fresh imagination and skill of the quick-witted junior wizard.

His pictures fight indifference as a state of atrophy towards beauty or suffering, towards sensitivity or platitude, towards generosity or greed. They hold back secret truths from the first viewing, ultimately discovered by foraging into the mapping of each shot."

Nicolae Melinescu


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